Design and Prototyping

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Innovative Design Solutions

After knowing your customization details, our designers will create drawings of your customized products. We prioritize the safety, comfort, and usability of our products. Whether it is for silicone baby products, kitchen silicone products, or any other silicone products, we offer the following customization options:
Design Solutions

Why We Will Be More Professional

After Analyzing The Following Factors, We Will Quickly Provide You With A Professional Solution.

1. Design Draft And 3D Drawing

Do you want to get customized products quickly? Please provide us with your product drawings (2D/3D) or product samples. Our engineers will communicate with you all product details at the initial customization stage to further improve your product design.
After agreeing on the product details, we will work out the design draft and send you the finished 3D CAD drawing for your review, including dimensions, multiple views, and general appearance renderings.

Please upload your product’s drawing (2D/3D), we will make design suggestions for your product based on the design for manufacturability.

Send a sample of your product, we will re-prototype more perfectly and quickly.

2. Prototype Making

You can choose to 3D print product prototypes before mass production. 3D printing allows for the creation of physical prototypes by layering and solidifying materials, often using computer-aided design (CAD) models. By creating prototypes, you can test and evaluate products to refine their design. Prototyping can help to identify design flaws and issues before full production. However, the materials used in 3D printing are not made of silicone, so the prototypes are only used to confirm the structure and appearance of the product, not for actual applications.

3. Design for Manufacture (DFM)

DFM (Design for Manufacture) is essential to ensure that it is practical, safe, and capable of meeting the needs of the intended users. Designers can identify any potential challenges or limitations that may arise during production.

After completing the preliminary product design, our designers will provide you with suggestions for modifying the product drawings and optimizing the design drawings according to the feasibility of the products. We are committed to providing you with the perfect customized products.

4. Sample Mold Making

We will first create a small-sized sample mold, typically with only one cavity or less cavities. We will use the sample mold to make the product. Through sample testing and evaluation, we will modify the sample mold until we achieve a product that meets your satisfaction. After confirming the sample mold, we will begin manufacturing the formal mold.
Of course, before mass production, we will use the formal mold to produce product samples for your approval, ensuring that they meet your requirements. It is not recommended to create a formal mold at the beginning. Because any issues arise that require modifications, can result in significant economic losses.
Cavities refer to the number of identical products produced in a single production cycle.