Mold Design and Making

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Mold Design and Making

Do you know why metal molds are the first choice for silicone product manufacturing? Because the hardware is resistant to high temperatures and high reusability. In addition to material selection, excellent suppliers are also important.

Lan Xin’s engineers have extensive experience in mold design and product fabrication, and the factory is equipped with advanced equipment. We can provide high-precision molds to manufacture high-quality products. Additionally, we provide free maintenance services for molds, extending the lifespan of the molds.

Why We Will Be More Professional

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Our advantage

Professional Team

Our engineering team employs scientific mold testing methods and conducts comprehensive mold flow analysis to ensure that the molds are within the controllable range and meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Advanced Devices

We have a dedicated mold production workshop equipped with advanced mold processing equipment. Our machinery allows us to make and refine the molds accurately, ensuring the final products’ utmost precision.

Warranty Service

We can provide free mold maintenance services, including regular cleaning, inspection for wear, component repair, etc. It can enhance the durability of the mold and minimize mold downtime.

Line Cutting

Accuracy ± 0.005mm

Discharge Group

Accuracy ± 0.003-0.005mm
Hardware Workshop

CNC Machine

Accuracy ± 0.003-0.005mm
Line cutting

Grinding Machine

Accuracy ± 0.003mm
Discharge group

CNC Machine

Accuracy ± 0.003-0.005mm
CNC machine

What Types Of Mold Design Services Can We Provide?

After understanding your customization details, our designers will create product blueprints and mold drawings for your custom-made item. We prioritize the safety, comfort, and usability of our products. Our dedicated engineering team is committed to delivering a perfect and innovative custom solution for you.
mould design

What Types Of Mold Design Services Can We Provide?

The Process of Making Molds

Lan Xin can provide one-stop customization services. We are not only manufacturers of silicone and plastic products but also can help you design and create molds. The following are the critical steps in making molds for silicone and plastic products.

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Mold Manufacturing Workshops

1. Data Detection Center

The primary job of the mold data testing center is to ensure that the molds meet the required specifications and are capable of producing high-quality parts efficiently. Our engineers will design the CAD drawings of the mold. And then, the metal is placed in the mold positioning machine to match. The machine automatically operates and positions the areas that need to be engraved. The finished mold needs to be tested and analyzed here.

2. CNC Machining Center

CNC machining centers have highly automated and precise machine tools that use milling, drilling, and tapping techniques to remove material. With the aid of a computer control system, the movement of cutting tools and workpieces is precisely controlled, achieving the specified accuracy, tolerance, and surface finish. CNC machining can be used to make high-accuracy and complex molds.

3. EDM Machining Center

EDM machining centers utilize the principle of electrical discharge to perform precise and intricate machining operations on workpieces. It mainly consists of two types: Wire EDM and Sinker EDM. Operators program the machining paths, shapes, and other parameters to achieve micron-level precise control and automation.

4. Hardware Processing Workshop

We also have a hardware processing workshop, a stamping workshop, and large water grinding chamber. Each workshop is equipped with advanced equipment and tools to ensure the production of high-quality metal molds. We can meet our customers’ stringent requirements in terms of precision, durability, and functionality.

Hardware Processing Workshop1
Stamping Workshop1
Large Water Grinding Chamber1

Mold Surface Treatment Method

The surface treatment of the mold can improve the durability of the mold and extend the mold’s lifespan. Common surface treatment methods are:


1. Polishing

It involves the use of abrasives to remove imperfections, scratches, and roughness from the mold surface. Polishing the mold surface helps achieve a smooth and glossy finish on the molded product.


2. Nitriding

It involves diffusing nitrogen into the mold surface to improve its hardness, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.


3. Coatings

Applying coatings to the mold surface can provide additional protection against wear, corrosion, and sticking of the molded material.


4. Texturing

It involves imparting specific patterns or textures on the mold surface to enhance the appearance and functionality of the molded product.