Service Process

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Get Product Prototypes Quickly?

Do you want to get your customized products as fast as possible? Sent us your product’s drawing (2D/3D). Of course, it is best to send us a sample of your product.

Please upload your product’s drawing (2D/3D), we will make design suggestions for your product based on the design for manufacturability.

Send a sample of your product, we will re-prototype more perfectly and quickly.

Why We Will Be More Professional

After Analyzing The Following Factors, We Will Quickly Provide You With A Professional Solution.

If you only have ideas, you can contact us for help.


Lan Xin's Customization Process

From design to shipping, we can provide you with one-stop customized services that save you time . We have helped over one thousand clients turn their concepts into reality.
The process of customizing products can also be easy and fun, please refer to our product service process for details.

Initial Communication

1. Client's Requirements Confirming (1-3 days)

Before we start, our company will sign NDA files to protect your intellectual property. Our engineers will communicate with your team about your project’s detail. After we get all the basic details, we will make a custom form to record the details and then discuss some detail to give you a quick solution plan.
Discuss the following details:
  • Target price
  • Expected quantity
  • Delivery Date
  • The product’s use
  • Material requirements
  • Design for manufacturability
  • 2. Products Design (3-10days)

    Refer to your sample or design file(AI / STL) to  complete the 3D drawing(STP / STEP). You can also provide the draft or tell us your idea, and our designer will help to make the 3D model. If you can directly provide STP/STEP file to us, it would be better for us to quickly make the prototype.
    Product Design
    Prototype Making

    3. Prototyping (3-5days)

    As for the complex product, we will confirm the structure of the product by 3D printing the product prototype. However, the product prototype is only used to confirm the structure and appearance of the product, not for actual use.
  • Optimize product design
  • Cost and time savings design
  • Optimize product functions
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • 4. DFM Report Confirmation

    Confirm all details of molds and products during production with you through DFM report.
    • Tooling: material, cavity , service life, processing tolerance, etc.
    • Product: material,hardness ,surface technology and other details.

    We will first create a small-sized sample tooling, typically with only one cavity or less cavities. We will use the sample tooling to make the product. Through sample testing and evaluation, we will modify the sample tooling until we achieve a product that meets your satisfaction. It is not recommended to create a mass tooling at the beginning. Because any issues arise that require modifications, can result in significant economic losses.  The sample tooling is used to confirm the prototype structure, not for mass production.

    After the customer tests and confirms the final sample, we can start making the mass tooling. With a higher number of cavities in mass tooling, more identical products can be produced in the same production cycle. The manufacturing cost of the mass tooling is relatively high, while the production cost per individual product decreases. Of course, before mass production, we will use the formal mold to produce product samples for your approval, ensuring that they meet your requirements.

    • About cavity: Cavities refer to the number of identical products produced in a single production cycle. The fewer the number of mold cavities, the lower the mold manufacturing cost, and the higher the production cost of each product.

    7. Production(10-25 days)

    During this process, we will share the details of each step with you, which will guarantee on-time delivery. Throughout the mass production process, we implement rigorous quality control measures. We ensure that all products we deliver to you are of high quality.

    8. Transportation (7-30days)

    Once the mass production is complete and the products pass quality control, they are prepared for shipping. According to your needs, you can select the appropriate shipping method to deliver the products.