What Is FDA Food Grade Silicone

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What Is FDA Food Grade Silicone

Silicons and rubber are some of the most accessible materials saturating the market today. However despite this saturation, it is working with the best of them is essential, which is where the FDA food grade silicone becomes significant. Do you perhaps make oven gaskets, water purification tubes, or anything related to these, only food-grade silicon can offer the protection, and benefits you’d typically want for your products.

So, this article will cover the nitty gritty of FDA food-grade silicone and ultimately, you’ll be able to decide if it’s the right option for you.


What does FDA food-grade silicone mean?

Silicon is an elastomer, manufactured by heating carbon and silica at a very high temperature. During this process, quite a number of events can make this product detrimental to human health. To avoid this, the FDA formulated some standards to guarantee safe consumption. Hence FDA food-grade silicone is simply silicone material fabricated in compliance with the standards created by the Food and Drug Administration.

This silicon material is characterized by those compelling features inherent to silicon, including its high temperature and stress resistance. Alongside these features, its compliance with FDA standards makes it the best option for packaging, processing, and transporting products across the food and pharmaceutical industries. Not to mention that the FDA food grade silicone guarantees maximum hygiene and purity, making anything packed within it conducive for consumption even when it comes in contact with these food products.

The application for the plastic is felt across different processes including gasket manufacturing, brewery tubing, dairy seals, oven seals, FDA O-rings, etc.

FAD Food Grade Silicone

Why should you consider FDA Food grade silicone?

Multi-purpose & versatile material

FDA-approved food-grade silicone is undoubtedly one of the most versatile materials available today. And as such, this versatility has earned it quite a reputation across the food processing industry. You can easily manipulate it into your desired form without taking a toll on its strength. This is true regardless of the compression, pressure, or other condition you subject it to. As such, you can always expect high quality whether you’re working on heavy duty or a simple process.


Nonpareil temperature resistance

When it comes to temperate resistance, almost no similar material can rival the FDA food-grade silicone. With a temperature resistance that spans roughly -60°C to 230°C, it is your perfect option for activities that demand extreme cold and extreme heat. It is also water resistant, so you can remove fungal decay or mold buildups from your list of worries.


Excellent chemical resistance

Another reason the food-grade silicone has carved a terrific reputation across industries is its great resistance to chemicals. Using this plastic, you can be sure of a terrific resistance to strong chemicals such as vinegar, acids, ammonia gas, etc.

As it is resistant to different chemicals, it also contains no potentially harmful filler, including BPA, and BPS, among others. To further cement its safety for use, it has a nonstick nature that further shields it from contamination.


Finding the right fit for you

Always remember that silicon has different forms and grades; hardness, etc., each tailored to specific intents and purposes. To help you identify which is suitable for you, be sure to get in touch with us.


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